Schedule updating and project control

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Understanding the critical path on your project is an important concept as the critical path drives your end date.

If there is a single delay in any of the tasks on the project schedule, it will have a direct impact on the project end date.

To see the Gantt Chart View, follow these steps: If you want to get a list of just the critical path tasks (Figure 2), you can use the Group By option in the Microsoft Project toolbar.

I often use this view to determine which tasks and resources are on the critical path.

The project impact report should include the following information based on the assessment (at a minimum): It is important to quantify the impacts of a change.

As you can see, MS Project has a lot of different views of the relevant project data.

By using a few of these tables and views, you can analyze your schedule further and understand how to react accordingly.

The same level of rigor is required to plan changes to the baseline plans, as were required to develop the baseline plan originally.

This is an area that many teams fall short – they often behave like change is complete at the time it is approved (contrary to popular opinion, changes do not implement themselves).

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It is usually members of the core project team that assess changes.

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