Shia labouf dating

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But once Shia started becoming a big superstar, he dumped her and she willingly left him as he was getting intimate with many high-profile actresses.

Shia had a huge crush on Rihanna, the popular singer.

He was born in Los Angeles, California on 11th July 1986.

He had a troubled childhood due to his father’s drug addiction and they were rather poor.

Isabel started dating Shia when she was in a relationship with Adrian Grenier.

She is an Australia actress and was Shia co-star in Transformers the Fallen Angel.

Shia dated his Transformers co-star Megan Fox in 2008.

Once Megan Fox was replaced in the movie’s sequel, they got out of touch and their short relationship ended.

Both of them later confessed that it was the worst date they ever had.

When he was 18, he started having a relationship with Kiely Williams.

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