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She also planned to spend two weeks with me to assist with the adjustment process.

We were both nervous and excited as we made the two-hour drive to the agency.

Many people have been beaten down by internal and external lies that they are undeserving of goodness, blessings, miracles, and gifts.

In this feeling of unworthiness they consciously and unconsciously sabotage any and every beautiful opportunity and relationship that appears in their life.

When you feel undeserving of a miracle, welcome it anyway.

When you feel unmerited of a gift, receive it anyway.

Some refer to this as self-sabotage, I refer to this as internal self-mutilation.

To remind you that you are worthy of blessings, miracles, and gifts.And in this unholy perception of using the same stick others used to beat us with to measure our worth we will always find a reason to reject our true selves and anything that reflects the blessing, miracle, and gift that we are.When you feel unworthy of a blessing, accept it anyway. Continue reading I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately, in several different contexts. He is kind to my mother, something I am not always successful at, which …

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I’m 35yr old (financially stable, professionally successful, home owner) and although she had initially thought I should wait until I was closer to 40, after really sharing with each other, she is the one who helped me decide to start trying. Continue reading I never pictured myself as a single mom; but then again, I didn’t always picture myself as a mom, period.

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