Software for updating

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Software for updating

For example, Ksplice only supports code changes in functions, and does not support changes to state representation.This is because Ksplice primarily targets security changes, rather than general updates.The location in a program where a dynamic update occurs is referred to as an update point.

These systems are commonly tested on real-world programs.These compilers preserve the semantics of the original program, but instrument either the source code or object code to produce a dynamically updateable program.Researchers compare DSU-capable variants of programs to the original program to assess safety and performance overhead.Presented in 1983 in the Ph D dissertation of Insup Lee, DYMOS was a fully integrated system that had access to an interactive user interface, a compiler and runtime for a Modula variant, and source code.This enabled DYMOS to type-check updates against the existing program.

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Examples include checkpointing, dynamic linking, and persistence.