Solveig haugland dating design patterns

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Solveig haugland dating design patterns

I'm always working my way through at least one book, often two or three. And finally, there are the books that I am reading right now.I have trouble not buying more until I've finished with the ones I'm working on. This isn't anywhere near a complete list of everything I own.Panel moderator James Noble's outsized neo-pompous HMS Pinafore histrionics and desiccated antipodean wit are utterly inimitable. My re-enactment of my surreal low-culture vision from hell went like this: I've been around forever And I wrote the very first code I put behavior and data together I am hacker (sic) And I write the code I write the code that makes the shareholders smile I write the code that the users defile I write the code that makes the testers cry I write the code I write the code The Fountainhead is on my short list of all-time favorite movies, although, I must confess, part of the pleasure I take in it is a partially (but only partially) ironic appreciation of its unrelentingly self-absorbed dialog. An enduring source of frustration among programmers is the degree to which users have no conception of the the glory, the majesty, the grandeur, of living in the code.Of living among, and crafting these magnificent artifacts.

It was likely the intention of the panel’s framers that the beleaguered Yoshimi was to be cast a surrogate for the users, and that the Pink Robots were to be associated with us inscrutable hackers.What, I thought, about those occasions where one has made a complete jackass of one’s self on a panel, and had wanted to crawl off into a corner to die? Then I thought about the performance OOPSLA 2004 Conference Chair John Vlissides gave as the (literally) propeller-headed “Jimmy the Freshman” in OOPSLA 2004’s sporadically amusing but occasionally execrable “Dating Design Patterns” skit.John had asked me to help him cast this skit a few weeks before.And so, I fear in hindsight that many found our panel to be a tepid, desultory love-fest.And people just don’t seem to get too excited watching a love-fest, at least so long as the participants remain fully clothed.

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I worked in fairly large research group (about thirty folks in all), with a dozen person technical staff.