Speed dating vantagens

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Speed dating vantagens

See com/games/need-for-speed/need-for-speed-payback/disclaimers for details. We asked for cops, and you gave us cops, but only in missions, not free roam.Also, talking about free roam, map is huge and diverse, but you guys took out online free roam?I think the developers have designed a lot of great mechanics that at first glance are pretty cool like rolling for the best parts the same way you would for rare stuff in some mmo.I don't usually say anything about this stuff but this is outrageous.It seems we got everything we asked for in an open world street racing game, if only we didn't get all the nickel and dimed by EA.FCK EAI am going to be as honest as possible with this game. There's little replay value and (as far as i know) there's no option to start a new game on a higher difficulty.

Online Free Roam in a Open World Racing Game is a must.

So my suggestions for what can be done are as follows 1. get rid of it and EA would have made a NFS game that everyone would enjoy.

But it seems like EA doesn't know how to make a good racing game this game is pretty fun and easy to pick up customization is pretty deep not underground 2 deep more like midnight club 3.


I don't usually say anything about this stuff but this is outrageous.

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Freeroam, not the freeroam that is currently offered where you are forced to do Speedlist races but true freeroam. I am sure I'm not the only one feeling this way either.