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The history of dating

Typically courtship took place in the highly-decorated home of the woman, in the company of her family.However lower and middle class families couldn't afford the fancy decor and opted instead for more public courtings, which look much like what today is called "dating." Many of the customs of dating and courtship are still present in modern day relationships from the wedding ring as a sign of commitment, to the white bridal gown and veil as signs of purity.According to an old French custom, as the moon went through all its phases the couple drank a brew called metheglin, which was made from honey. Arranged marriages were the norm, primarily business relationships born out of the desire and/or need for property, monetary or political alliances.From buying a woman dinner to opening a door for her, many of today's courting rituals are rooted in medieval chivalry.Then, courtship and dating became more formal and required the consent of the parents.As time has progressed, we have taken much of current dating culture from the past and made it fit with the social norms of the day During colonial times, dating and courtship were thought of as necessities rather than a luxury.Many new families and settlers were busy with the work of building towns and establishing an infrastructure, so dating and courtship became a means to facilitate large families to decrease the workload.During the 1800s, men and women took on different roles that were defined by gender.

First courtship was seen as a means to provide a large family to do all the work required.

Beginning with the ancient Greeks' recognition of the need to describe more than one kind of love, inventing the word In ancient times, many of the first marriages were by capture, not choice — when there was a scarcity of nubile women, men raided other villages for wives.

Frequently the tribe from which a warrior stole a bride would come looking for her, and it was necessary for the warrior and his new wife to go into hiding to avoid being discovered.

Young girls were taught domestic duties and young men worked in the fields, which often left the young people without any interaction with the opposite sex.

In the early 1900s, love and romantic feelings became more important in choosing a partner.

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Although many couples did refrain from premarital sex, during the 1770s premarital pregnancies in the United States reached a high of 30 percent.

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