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Trish stratus dating

Few have the drive to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve it.Trish Stratus is one of those few who would not quit until she achieved her goals.Stratigeas began her career as a fitness model, appearing on the covers of numerous magazines.Having been a wrestling enthusiast since childhood, she eagerly accepted when World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE) came calling.Patricia Anne Stratigeas, better known by her ring name Trish Stratus, is a retired professional wrestler, former fitness model, fitness master, actress, and television personality from Canada.She is widely considered the greatest female sports entertainer of all time and a trailblazer for women in sports in general.Eventually, Test was able to capitalize on the distraction and pick up the win, while Trish smiled from the ramp.

Since her retirement in 2006, she has made sporadic appearances in WWE events and runs a Yoga studio in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada.With Joey Abs sidetracked by Stratus, Albert easily won.The next night on Raw, Trish accompanied Test to ringside for his match against Val Venis.Signing a multi-year contract with the promotion, she debuted in 2000 at the height of the Attitude Era.Over the course of her career, she proved herself to be equally gifted inside the ring and with a microphone, playing both heel and face with the same amount of charisma and finesse.

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Introduced to WWE fans as eye candy in 2000, the Canadian-born Diva had become a seven-time Women’s Champion and the mastermind of a yoga empire by the time she retired in 2006.“She has the drive of a champion,” her onetime charge Tensai told She would take nothing for granted and she wouldn’t settle for second best.”In celebration of, perhaps, Trish Stratus’ biggest achievement — induction into the WWE Hall of Fame — take a look back at the key moments from the blond bombshell’s legendary career that made her the greatest Diva of all time.

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