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Suddenly it was impossible to reconcile the various images in his mind – then he saw Sharon looking up at him through a veil of tears, asking…“What happened to us? “If there’s anything I can do to help,” the policewoman said, her voice softly sincere as she handed a card to him, “please call me.” He looked up at the girl and nodded as he fumbled her card into a pocket. Thanks for, you know, being there.” She nodded, then turned abruptly and walked away. I need you, and I know Jenny does too.” His old man nodded and he watched as his father wiped away a tear. He packed a suitcase and put the thing in his car, then went back inside for the urns. Condensation’s forming now…getting too cool out.” He stood and unplugged the rig from the extension cord, then rolled the cart into his study.

That is how we became friends.” He turned his face to the dome of the night and listened to a star for the longest time. Keys are in the ignition.” She nodded without comment and got behind the wheel; while she adjusted the seat and mirrors he opened the overhead door and she looked at him, thought about the number of men she knew who might so openly trust a stranger – let alone a woman – and she wondered about this man once again.An FAA examiner was sitting behind the rookie – writing down every mistake the kid made – and he knew, just by listening to the pen grating across the paper, this would be a report for the record books. “My airplane,” Captain Denton King said, taking the yoke in his left hand and putting his right on the throttles. Right – now.” The kid seemed to shake when he caught the tone behind this captain’s words, and he nervously shook off his harness and scrambled out of cockpit door. ” “Something like that, yes.” “What was that the kids on campus used to rally ‘round? “Always nice seeing you, Bennett.” But he turned away before his father could react, and he walked from the restaurant and into the night. Tonight, if possible.” “I’m sitting on the patio right now; just come around the side and let yourself in the gate.” “Thank you, sir.” On the patio…now? She drove up Central to Mockingbird and then took the backstreets to his house and parked on the street a few houses away, then walked to the side gate and let herself in. “What it must be like to live down there, in the sea? He came out a minute later carrying two glasses, and he put hers down on a little glass-topped table between two wicker patio chairs. Tell me what’s on your mind.” She sat, picked up the drink and took a long pull, then set the glass down. ” “Oh, only that she and my wife have been lovers for a while.” “And you know about that how? After she drove inside the garage she went around and helped him out of the car, and in that moment – in their just coming together – a gentle need came for them both.The kid’s father was a board member and had somehow gotten this boy into a transition class, and yet already the word was the kid had blown every sim-check but one. Lining up for runway 13L at Dallas Love Field, all the kid had to do was hold 133º and nineteen hundred feet and he’d be golden. “No,” the kid said, contradicting his captain and breaking one of the biggest safety rules in a commercial cockpit, “I’ve got it.” “Stewart – ? Without saying a word, the FAA examiner slipped into the first officer’s seat and buckled in. I’ll handle the checklist.” “Thanks, Ben.” “That pecker-head is even worse than the scuttlebutt. She walked out of Goldstein’s home and down to her squad car, checked-in with dispatch and drove back to Central where she finished her last report. He was sitting by the pool on a dark slate terrace, looking down into the black water. She stopped and looked into the pool, and only then noticed the walls and floor of the pool were finished in deep slate-colored tile, even the grout, and so the effect was like looking into a grotto at midnight. ” She walked up to him and waited for the moment to pass. “Doris Goldstein.” She was watching him as she said those two words, but he didn’t flinch – or even blink an eye. King was sailing now, alone and with his eyes closed, feeling the direction of the wind and the spray on his upturned face, contours of the seafloor through subtle variations in the little boat’s motion.Of course, those who’ve been following these posts over the years may recall that Alan Parsons A snapping sound, pulled from the trance, and he watches sparks lift in the twilight, climbing towards fronds leaning from the trades. His name was King – because his name reflected his place among the people, and King was sailing now, visiting his many islands before the season of storms. She teaches grief counseling, if you can imagine that.” He paused, looked up at the ceiling. What kind of society have we become that we need so many grief counselors? There just wasn’t anyone like that waiting in the wings.” His old man chuckled as he looked down at his hands. ” He was trying to smile now, but the look in his son’s eyes was troubling. “When do you go back to Washington,” he asked, though he already knew the answer. Oh, the next session starts in another week, but I’m supposed to go to Dubai the day after tomorrow.” “Dubai? ” “No, but I will if you want me to.” He looked at his father, at the implacable foe that had chased his generation from the start. She felt someone kneel beside her on the flecked terrazzo, saw a while lab coat and a stethoscope and she moved aside, watched the rapid assessment and the knowing nod. He stopped walking and looked around, then turned and looked at the policewoman by his side. What seemed like hours later, at least to the men rowing that night, he turned his face ever so slightly and closed his eyes, and with his face just into the wind he saw the scent of blooming flowers and fresh rain borne on a darkening breeze. You know, Sharon and I took care of that a few years ago. ” “You never got to know Sharon’s people they way I did, Dad.” “Oh, she was a sweet gal, sure enough…I’m just not sure about those mountain people.” The old man took a long, deep breath, then let it slip out slowly. Then she realized she’d had nothing to eat or drink but half a shot of Scotch – how many hours ago? He had gone rigid, was staring at an unseen spot somewhere beyond the floor, and the only movement she saw was a line of muscle twitching from his temple to his jaw, and when she stepped closer still she watched his carotids pulsing in his neck.

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