Updating a server

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If something special has to be done to migrate a world for an update, Strange Loop Games will tell you that in the update announcement and you should follow anything special the devs say needs to be done before doing these steps.These are just the general steps to use for straightforward updates.Updating your server can usually be done without any risk of losing your saved world.In most cases, updates are compatible with the previous saved games.If updating and upgrading: Towards the end of the installation, you will be asked to register your Mascot 2.6 product key to obtain a licence file.This product key can be found on a sticker on the CD case or may have been sent by email.

Although the question is very interesting, I have seen in many forum sites and made a solution using INNER JOIN with screenshots.

Subsequent AMIs/snapshots are only as large as the difference (changed blocks) since the last snapshot, such that storage costs are not necessarily larger for more frequent snapshots, see Amazon’s EBS snapshot billing document for details.

Once you have the snapshot you are free to make changes on the Services machine.

First you will want to save your backups and your saved world as well as your configuration files.

These are all in your Storage/ and Configs/ folders.

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There are also files in the Storage folder that you will want to save/backup and replace.

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