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Updating dx10

As far as I have looked everywhere says to use ID3D10Device:: Copy Subresource Region(). // Source array/vector (src Data): [xxxx DATADATADATADATADATAxxxxxxxxxxx] // ^ ^ // src Begin (src Begin bytes To Copy) // // Destination buffer (p Buffer): [xx DATADATADATADATADATAxxxxxxxxxxxxx] // ^ ^ // destination Begin (destination Begin bytes To Copy) D3D11_BOX box; = destination Begin; box.right = destination Begin bytes To Copy; = 0; box.bottom = 1; box.front = 0; = 1; Device- method is suited for copying data between two resources (such as buffers or textures).Simplifying, you can think of it as of copying chunks of data inside videocard's memory (but that's not always true).Direct X 10 ™ introduced the concept of dedicated constant buffers to reduce the amount of data that needs to be sent from application to runtime to driver to GPU.

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Since the release of Direct X 10 ™ 3D programmers have had to deal with constant buffers as the way of passing parameter constants to GPU shaders.

Changing shader constants became a whole lot more tricky, as sub-optimal updates to constant buffers could have a very severe impact on the performance of a game.

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