Updating tables in a database

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Lookup field many times confuses the new access users because list of items appears in one location but data can be placed in another location.So it’s important to remember one that while you are updating a lookup field, you need to update the source table. Check out the form properties to make sure that the table in which you are saving the data must be a source.Right now I am manually copying table over old table using data pump. Hi Everybody, I want to update one field for all tables present in the database.

But in the debugging mode in the return parameter of this fm i can see the message as 'The field MARC-MTVFP/BAPI_MARC-AVAILCHECK is defined as a required field; it doesnot contain any entry’.

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I have a fairly complex database with a main input menu.

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if so, what are the 'licensed' ways to update database tables?

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