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Updating xo laptop

We’d love to see all of these devices, but CG mockups and philanthropic promises aren’t the same as real, shipping hardware.I don't know about you, but I can sure tell silicone from the real thing.Meanwhile, huge amounts of money have been wasted that, with better planning, could have improved education in a myriad of ways.As with prior unsuccessful examples of educational technology promoted as a magic bullet, everybody will then blame school systems and their teachers for failing to take advantage of such a revolutionary piece of equipment.I and others have found these laptop and netbooks programs to be highly successful, resulting in greater access to and use of diverse sources of information, improved quantity and quality of student writing, higher student engagement through working with multiple media, greater opportunities to explore topics in-depth for, and improved integration of technology in instruction.How to run a successful laptop program The successful programs I have investigated have all been built on a similar model.Mark Warschauer For the last six years, I have been investigating laptop programs throughout the U.S., including, most recently, programs using low-cost netbook computers and open source software.

A careful planning process is carried out to develop a solid educational design and win support from important stakeholders, including teachers, parents, and community leaders.Here's how to ditch the jelly and squeeze a normal keycaps-and-springs type USB keyboard into an OLPC XO laptop.This is "phase I" -- getting the keyboard into the lower half of the case, but leaving the USB cable connected to the external USB port (UPDATE: Phase II instructable now posted).Then, in another few years, a new revolutionary piece of equipment will appear and the same cycle will be repeated.Our lesson learned from OLPC The most impoverished countries targeted by this initiative shouldn’t be investing in one laptop per child, as their children will benefit more from the hiring and training of teachers, the building of schools, and judicious use of technology appropriate to their contexts.

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