Validating postal code

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Validating postal code

Because this validation script is as specific as possible, it does mean that the script may need to be updated as the postal code rules evolve (The Canadian postal code rules were modified after Nunavut was added in 1999). You can directly edit the above text, by clicking on it. For removing a case just press Alt Backspace or Alt Delete.Use postal code lookup in your company database, CRM or ERP system and reduce the time needed for data entry.Speed up queue times at your tills and service desks. Reduce the need for data cleansing in the future by capturing correct data first time.When the international postal code format, which is used by setting the locale, does not fit your needs, then you can also manually set a format by calling ). You should also be aware that postcode values are always be validated in a strict way.This means that they have to be written standalone without additional characters when they are not covered by the format.

Available as a local installation or as a web service (Saa S), and through technology partners.For example, the meta character “A” in a picture clause allows any Unicode letter value – whereas a postal code letter is far more restricted: When the user enters an invalid postal code, be as specific as possible in telling them what to fix.There is a world of difference between: “Invalid postal code” and “Second, fourth and sixth postal characters must be numeric” For the person who typed in a letter “O” instead of a “0” (zero), this will be the clue they need to correct their error.Naturally, we also use a display picture clause to render with the space: Because we know that the input data is in upper case, it makes our validation logic cleaner, as it needs only be concerned with the upper case variations.The first character of the postal code determines the geographic region.

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$postal_code is the postal code or ZIP code that you are validating. The country can be omitted; if it is not there, the function will try to figure out what country the postal code is from.

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