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Other vegan-friendly options include Atakilt Wat (potatoes, carrots, and cabbage), Misir Wot (red lentil stew), Gomen (stewed collard greens), Fasolia (stewed green beans), Kik Alicha (split pea stew) and more.Try it at home: make Vegan Richa’s Atakilt Wat and Gluten-Free Injera.The food is rich, flavorful, and relatively healthy.Most dishes resemble a stew-like consistency and are always accompanied by injera—a soft, spongy flatbread made from teff flour and served by the basketful.Note: Burmese tofu is made from chickpeas, giving it a more dense texture and interesting flavor.

Politely tell your server to hold the cheese, please! Burmese The unique and plant-focused cuisine of Burma is an extremely underrated cuisine.

Dining-out tip: While South Indian food is lighter in dairy products compared to the North, some cheese, eggs, and cream are used in certain dishes. Dining-out tip: Some beans and tortillas may be made with lard, though this practice is becoming more of a rarity. Ask your server to ensure these items are animal-free. Korean “Vegan” may not be the first word most associate with “Korean BBQ,” but many traditionally meat-heavy restaurants are opening up to the idea.

Avoid items with “paneer” (cheese) and confirm with your server that the curry and flatbread you’re ordering is dairy-free. Mediterranean Wellness practitioners and diet gurus have touted the benefits of a Mediterranean diet for years, but why? There’s nothing like a mezze platter of roasted peppers, charred eggplant, creamy hummus, briny olives, refreshing tabouli, cucumber salad, and warm, fluffy pita bread. Make yourself a fully loaded falafel pita sandwich with the works by following this recipe. Dining-out tip: Double check with your server to ensure the falafel and pita are egg and dairy-free. More Korean restaurants are now offering vegan versions of their classic veggie dishes, such as tofu stew, mandu (steamed dumplings), japchae (stir-fried sweet potato noodles), bibimbap (crispy rice and veggie bowl), and banchan (traditional Korean small side dishes ranging from kimchi, pickled daikon, mung bean, and stewed potatoes). Perfectly-cooked, unadulterated rice to cool down that chili paste-infused kimchi.

The vegan option typically includes two large plates of raw veggies (most include tofu, napa cabbage, baby corn, mushrooms, kabocha squash, broccoli, carrots, and onions), plus a huge bowl of seasoned broth to cook them in, various dipping sauces, and a generous portion of steamed rice.

It’s simple yet incredibly delicious and satisfying.

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Cuisine from different cultures can break up the monotony of your go-to dinner routine.

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