Vista updating failed

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I did, however, find a related Super User question, Troubleshooting failed upgrade to Windows 7? The file mentioned in the error, ) so I'm assuming that the installer is trying to load it but can't for some reason.

Looking at the properties of the file, I can see that it's called DRM Migration DLL, from Microsoft.

In this video the author has clearly shown why the error is coming up.

When the computer date and time are set to 2011, he gets the 80072f8f error.

The main reason is this : [Microsoft Article for Vista] Ah, you see, you’ve changed the date and time of your system and that’s why your update is not working.

Well, in case you are using a non-genuine version of Windows using “old system date”, then also you cannot update to the latest release.

Obviously something carrying over from XP isn't compatible with Vista. The clean install is your best option since half your apps wouldn't work after the upgrade anyways.

I've also done the following: Microsoft was right, you should give up and do a clean install.

But when he changes the time to the current time (i.e Nov 2016), you can see the updates are available.

Before changing the date, even trying several times, to update was a failure.

After sometime the Windows giant Microsoft decides to release update to your Windows 7 OS (current update is SP1) or XP (current update is SP3).

Now you decide to update to the latest version and fail with an error code of 80072f8f.

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The Windows Update problem and the solution to the code 80072ee2 error is already seen.

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