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Weird al dating

After that I have a hard time seeing any options for the finale other than Greg or no one, and I can be ok with that.

Tonight I learned that the “priest school - pre school” joke will never fail to make me LOL.

Or maybe getting me to that point was their intention in the first place. I just think that no matter which way she goes at this point I'm likely to be somewhat disappointed. Everyone, including Rebecca, her therapist, her friends, and the guys who want to "win" her, was acting like a woman is a prize you can win. It's like the entire show was thrown out and rebooted this season as an imposter-- same actors, unrecognizeable themes.

I did like the big song and dance number, but that's because I thought it was leading to everyone realizing they were full of shit and knocking it off.

I wasn't feeling her date with Nathanial at all, though, and I like Nathaniel much better than Josh by far.

The two of them have had much better chemistry in the past, too, but not in this episode.

I am kind of annoyed that the live quadrangle seems to be the end-game for the series, when I think there were so many better stories and ways to bring things to a close. I was always about which guy she ended up with but somehow the show ending with a "Gee which one should I pick?

This for me just trivializes the entire series in some ways and almost makes me really want her to end up alone in spite of myself.Call it "Beside Myself.") If tonight was the sole episode to judge Rebecca's future Mr. The chemistry between the two of them was palpable, and the date was incredibly sweet and romantic.Greg, of course, gets second best because the two of them have a very "best friend" vibe, and that could make for a better long-term relationship in the end.Weird Al's reprise of "Where's the Bathroom" made me pause the recording and laugh out loud for a ridiculously long time, and Greg's discomfort with the date was honestly the first time I have liked Skylar in the role.Storywise I liked that they went low-key with the intimacy between Greg and Rebecca after the high-flown romance with Josh and Nathaniel.

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He’s been happily married since 2001, he just received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and after this year’s poorly received Super Bowl halftime show by Maroon 5, a long-running petition to have the Grammy-winner play Super Bowl 54 is recirculating.