Who has meagan good dating

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Who has meagan good dating

To all the brothers out there who have opinions, and feel like they should be able to speak to the women in their lives without being dismissed as a mansplainer, don’t worry boo. This seems like such a basic question, but you would be surprised how many conversations (and arguments) you could avoid if you simply paused for a second and asked yourself why are you choosing to engage.

As a man, before you give any women advice, be clear about what your true intention is.

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Question: What do you think of De Von and Meagan’s story?

Reality set in that sometimes, we go into relationships and act out what we want.

But we haven’t assessed the situation, and we don’t have the clarity about who the person really is because we are physically involved.

He explained that sometimes he would date women, and it felt like they were in competition with his job.

He explained that he was sometimes in situations were women were more interested in the relationship, than him being a success.

When it comes to race, we often complain about white people expecting us to check items off a list before they will acknowledge that we are full fledged humans who deserve the same rights that they naturally enjoy.

Don’t behave differently than the stage that you are at, because when we try to fast forward the relationship…usually it leads to false assumptions and expectations“I was in a [long-distance] relationship.

And I was basically living out of state and traveling back and forth for auditions, I was cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping and doing things that wives may do.

Author De Von Franklin (L) and actress Meagan Good look like they have a great relationship, but Franklin may want to consider these rules before giving future advice.

(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images) wedding rings are exchanged.

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READ MORE: Killer Mike offers kids free haircuts as they head back to school While most men don’t have this extreme psychological complex, shades of the , but the messaging is still the same: some women deserve to be treated and respected as human beings while others deserve to be treated like objects to own and direct.

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