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Who is aisha hinds dating

After Ellen.com: What did you know about the character when you first got the script?Aisha Hinds: I didn’t know about the casting of the characters.

We grabbed Aisha Hinds at a TCA party where she told us she loves to see tweets from After Ellen reader about the show and answered our questions about playing the role of Carolyn.AH: When you find yourself in a situation that levels everybody on the same playing field, all of those prejudices fall away, which is probably what the world should be doing.Sometimes you have to have these situations that are bigger than Earth itself.We’re only six episodes in since the show premiered this summer, but we’ve seen that Alice and Carolyn’s relationship is strained by Norrie’s rebellious nature, but they want to help her however they can.When the dome comes down, things get more stressful as Norrie begins to have seizures and Alice is revealed to have diabetes with limited access to insulin.

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This powerful black actress has come under a lot of scrutiny by fans who suspect that she may be gay.

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