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By his amazing performance, he caught the attention of a racing sponsor based in California, Rod Osterlund.

With the NASCAR’s prestigious Rookie of the Year honors, he was rewarded.

According to Savannah Now, she hadn’t seen a NASCAR race before meeting him and didn’t even know about his famous family.

She’d heard of his name, but didn’t know about the history behind it.

Dale and Brenda divorced in 1974, shotly after their son was born. drove for Chance 2, which was co-owned by Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Dale married his last wife, Teresa Houston in 1982. didn't really chose the number 88 for his car, NASCAR gave it to him as his number. wanted to keep the number 8, but his stepmother Teresa Earnhardt would not release the number to him. His stepmother and DEI owner Teresa Earnhardt would not allow him to take the number to Hendrick Motorsports. was the last driver to win back to back championships in the Nascar Nationwide Series (2004 & 2005).

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Theresa Earnhardt has been seen with Menard's owner John Menard Jr. Rumor has it the pair were together more romantically than business wise.