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So, just when we thought the dust had settled between Jelena, this clip surfaced of Gomez singing DJ Snake’s “Let Me Love You,” which features the Biebs on vocals.

Obviously, that doesn’t make it okay—we should never look a someone’s naked body without their consent.Looks like Bieber’s song “Friends” really was about Selena!At the end of October, Justin was spotted at his ex-girlfriend’s home in California.In other news, the “Wolves” songstress quietly unfollowed ex-boyfriend The Weeknd on Instagram, and he later followed suit.And now we wait for the , Gomez’s family is less than supportive about her reunion with Bieber, and won’t be inviting him their family Christmas.

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When Selena’s team clued in, they swiftly took down her page to remove the NSFW photos and re-secure her account.

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