Who is trevor moore dating

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Who is trevor moore dating

Zendaya Coleman is a tv star that is on the popular tv show Shake it up and is dating trevor jackson from Let it Shine not Ty blue.

;-) -Annonymous BTW SHE IS NOT DATING HIM THERE JUST BEST FRIENDS AND SHE CANT DATE YET DUHH yes zendaya colemen off of shake it up disney Trevor Jackson the actor from 'Let It Shine' is 6'1 in. :-) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- He is 5'9" (the actor from "let it shine") he is so handsome and sweet and his personality is unbelievably amazing!

But if that ends up being the case, what does Tyler's current love life look like?

However, it's possible that he is secretly dating a girl or even married but is hesitant to reveal it to the public. When a handsome man is off the market, then many hearts get shattered and curiosity arises about his love.And when a celebrity is conjectured to be a gay both on screen and off screen; his love life is sure to catch immense attention.is dating anyone after will be the first thing fans will want to know.Because if he doesn't end up with that final rose, there will be plenty of people waiting and willing to scoop him up after the show.

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