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Posted by / 11-Feb-2020 18:39

Without maintenance and monitoring, WSUS can stop working, which effectively “puts the brakes” on anything software update related.

WSUS has a maintenance wizard that you can step through manually to clean obsolete updates, decline superseded updates, decline expired updates, and remove unneeded content.

These computers are missing in All computers view on upstream server.

If I look to Downstream servers on upstream server, there is displayed 0% Installed/Not Applicable Percentage at line with the downstream server.

One gotcha is that if you already have an issue with WSUS, you probably cannot connect long enough to run the wizard.

The Microsoft Scripting Guys have posted an excellent Power Shell script that can be used to automate the cleanup for you.

As new products or product groups are released, they will be added to the list and selected for you.

All computers are reporting to downstream server current status.I recommend running it at least monthly via Scheduled Task.Not only that, but make sure you monitor the status of the scheduled task to be sure it is working properly.Once we are done, hopefully you will be able to look at the SCCM Software Update process in much the same way as Neo saw the Matrix…except you’ll actually know what is going on instead of a bunch of green 1s and 0s floating everywhere you look.

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