Xbox live not updating achievements

Posted by / 27-Sep-2019 06:57

As mentioned above, the only way to currently view Xbox One achievement progress while away from your console is through the Xbox One Smart Glass app.Interestingly enough, you can also view and track your Xbox 360 and Windows Xbox achievements via the Smart Glass app as well.

Being an achievement *ahem* *hore, this sometimes shapes what I focus on during my gameplay.Ever since the launch of the Xbox One last November, gamers have had to rely on the Xbox One Smart Glass app in order to view their achievement progress when not at their console as the achievements on the Xbox Live website are limited to Xbox 360 and Windows achievements – something that was somewhat puzzling to say the least.Microsoft is taking the July Xbox One Update one step further by updating their Xbox Live website to allow gamers to view all their Xbox Achievements from Xbox One, 360, Windows and Windows Phone in one location.As you can see, Xbox One achievements aren’t visible anywhere on the site.Clicking on a game brings you to a second screen which shows the achievement list for that game, with earned achievements on top and unearned achievements grayed out below.

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Achievements/trophies are tracked per user account, and per edition.

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