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Microsoft recognized the state of parsers in the XML world and designed an efficient XML API that was also simple to use.Microsoft borrowed a concept from the "firehose" cursor used in ADO.The client code must provide some sort of state model to guide its actions.Another limitation is that the client must implement all interface methods, and the methods are always called by the parser, regardless of whether the client is interested in them.The middle part of Figure 1 illustrates the SAX approach to parsing.The downside of this approach is that keeping track of the current context of an element or attribute in a complex document can be difficult.The client access methods allow forward and backward movement, much like the client-side, static cursor in ADO data access on the Microsoft platform.

Here I am not able to write a method to get XML file as input from the client who is consuming the service.

The class has properties and methods that return the values and move the cursor across the document content.

You can access value, node type, and namespace information quickly and easily using the properties shown in the following list.

XML is a tag-based markup language used mainly for data transfer.

The main advantage of XML is that it is extensible. Also since it is written purely as text, it is portable across various software and hardware platforms. The rules for well-formed XML documents are as follows: The structure of an XML file can be specified by creating a schema.

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